Fibre Optic Lighting


Installers and Designers of fibre optic lighting
Some Advantages of fibre optics

• One Lamp replaces twenty
• Quick and easy installation
• Low energy consumption
• Reduced heat emissions
• Freedom from reflective glare
• Elimination of erratic lamp failure
• Optional screening from interference radiation
• Maintenance cycle cut to 18 months
All fibre optic systems comprise of three fundamental components. The light source sited accessibly for maintenance, the fibre optic harness to transmit the light. The optical fitted to control the light beam.

Fibre optic lighting has many advantages over conventional forms of lighting in a range of display applications, which become more accessible and convenient to enjoy by the end user availability of a track system.
Typical environments would be for conservation lighting in museum showcases and accent lighting in retail display cases, for which some advantages are common to both and others are more specific.

• Discreet lighting enhances without distraction.
• Durable and re-usable
• Easily adaptable by staff for changing displays.
• No heat or electricity at output maintains a cool display environment and allows safe adjustment of light heads.
• Minimal running costs
• Display lighting not affected by maintenance.
• Controllability of light intensity through a range of light sources.
• Variation in display lighting, distribution through a selection of optical lens.

• Remote re-lamping maintains sealed interior display case environment.
• No damaging ultra-violet emissions
• Excellent Colour rendition
• Exhibits of different sensitivity can be appropriately illuminated within the same system can be hermetically sealed.